Aristotle was not a citizen ofAthens. Therefore he was not entitled to own property in the city to host his lectures. So his students were often seen wandering about in the collonades of Lyceum, while the great philosopher was teaching his wisdoms. This legend is the base of the concept of the “peripatetic school” - the belief that the greatest ideas are not born in classrooms, but on the road between them.

The movement is the backbone of this project. Teaching facilities, exhibition areas, workspaces, meeting spaces, library and cafe are situated along a straight roadlike axis, providing it with life and activity, making the space for wandering much more than just a transport zone.


Competition entry for YAC University Island Competition.
Awarded with a honorable mention.

In collaboration with Ana-Maria Pop.


                                       The central hallway that runs through the campus, that all other functions relate to


A semi-enclosed courtyard is the cozy backside of a cafe facing both the lively public axis and the mystic green enviroment on the island

Flexible workspaces can open up to the main axis, making it possible to activate
the public space.