This is a short presentation of selected independent projects and projects done at the School of Architecture at LTH, Lund.

All photographs are taken by Fredrik Thornström.



Two silo buildings in the harbour area of Malmö are turned into housing and a vertical cemetery

- a house for the living and a house of the dead


In collaboration with Karolina Pajnowska.


Site plan

Long section


Creamtorium & columbarium
Ground floor plan

Creamtorium & columbarium
1st floor plan

Creamtorium & columbarium
2nd floor plan

Crematorium & columbarium


Crematorium & columbarium
Long section


The ceremony hall

The last farewell -
Ceremony podium at 1st floor

The voids for the dead where no living have access


Entrance from the park


An architectural addition to a timeless natural landscape


Bachelor’s degree project in year three, in the course Architecture and Landscape. An attempt to catch the harsh and timeless atmosphere of Kullaberg and turn it into architecture. The project is about bringing the visitor to new places in the landscape. It consists of a circular stair tower that binds a plateau together with an unaccessible beach. A pier in a straight trajectory from the tower leads the visitor out to a an ocean pavillion with a furnace.


Aristotle was not a citizen ofAthens. Therefore he was not entitled to own property in the city to host his lectures. So his students were often seen wandering about in the collonades of Lyceum, while the great philosopher was teaching his wisdoms. This legend is the base of the concept of the “peripatetic school” - the belief that the greatest ideas are not born in classrooms, but on the road between them.

The movement is the backbone of this project. Teaching facilities, exhibition areas, workspaces, meeting spaces, library and cafe are situated along a straight roadlike axis, providing it with life and activity, making the space for wandering much more than just a transport zone.


Competition entry for YAC University Island Competition.
Awarded with a honorable mention.

In collaboration with Ana-Maria Pop.


                                       The central hallway that runs through the campus, that all other functions relate to


A semi-enclosed courtyard is the cozy backside of a cafe facing both the lively public axis and the mystic green enviroment on the island

Flexible workspaces can open up to the main axis, making it possible to activate
the public space.


A greenhouse built by recycling old windows


Independent project in the summer of 2010. 20-30 old windows were found in a barn. As leftovers from a renovation of the main house a long time ago they needed to be reused. The result became a freestanding greenhouse in the open garden.

Designed, built and photographed by myself alone during two months time



A tall Tokyo dwelling


Short project in the course Advanced Architectural Design in year 5. In pairs of two we were assigned to design a shared narrow house for ourselves on the topic 'dwelling in a dense city'. The small plot is located in central Tokyo and the maximum footprint allowed was 4x6 metres.

The concept of the house is a horisontal lightwell. A solid wooden shell is run through by a frosted glass volume from short end to short end and illuminates the solid shell from the inside.

In collaboration with Karolina Pajnowska


A wine hotel in Carcavelos - a beachside town in the outskirts of Lisbon


The main concept is simple. A solid introvert stone structure contains the shared functions in the hotel (restaurant, bar, baths, massage facilities etc.) and forms an intimate and calm courtyard in the hotel. From this solid base three arms in a light structure stretches out in different directions in order to take advantage of the three valuable entities in the surroundings: the vineyards, the ocean view and the beautiful forest. These arms also contains the private spaces - the hotel rooms.


The baths in the underground floor, below 'the well'.


Underground level

1st floor

North facade